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Joint Pain Salve
  • Joint Pain Salve

    Hands, wrists, elbows, knees, ankles, shoulders and feet. This balm treats joint pain and inflammation. 

     Contains 100mg THC-A, organic turmeric root infused oil, and a therapeutic essential oil blend specifically to treat arthritic conditions. Apply daily for relief of acute and chronic pain. *Contains turmeric which can stain.* Massage well into skin.

    Now available in new packaging! 
    30ml reusable amber glass jars
    60ml reusable aluminum jars.

    Actual Customer Reviews:

    "Unpaid recommendation: Ive had a really painful knot in my back - literally visible to the naked eye level knot. I've been doing physio, got a professional therapeutic massage, several boyfriend massages, bought a new bed... One lazy sleepy back rub to get the balm absorbed and the knot in my back I've had for literally 7 months is significantly improved. I am a SCEPTICAL MAN and this is my new go-to forever. Shout out to Amanda Breeze for using your expertise so powerfully."

    "My uncle massively stubbed his toe, he's got diabetes and foot issues so its especially important to jump on it. And I rubbed some of yer yellow balm on his foot and literally (we're icing it too) there's no more pain. I know elevating and icing is good protocol but the balm, I think really did it and worked immediately. After I rubbed it in (which was painful for me to touch) and before putting on the ice, I asked him how it felt and he said it was already a lot better! It took like two minutes. It's amazing."


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