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Amanda Breeze
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Terpenes influence our health and wellness. I link the science of aroma with the needs of cannabis consumers. 

Amanda Breeze, Terpene Strategist & Cannabis Educator

Terpenes boost the immune system, reduce anxiety, manage pain, and benefit our mental health. Found in Cannabis, these therapeutic compounds improve our emotional and physical wellbeing as well as modulate the effects of the overall consumer experience.  


I host interactive terpene education for customers and industry professionals through live essential oil blending. Bringing fresh perspective and insights into the aromatic bouquets of cannabis and explaining the effects of cannabis terpenes through aromatherapy. 

Make the most of your next event, dispensary activation, or staff training by bringing in a cannabis aroma expert!

Amanda Breeze

Transform your relationship with  your customers by highlighting the aroma and effects of

your products.

emerald temple

Book a consultation!
Or plan your next innovative  event and educational 

aroma experience. 

emerald temple

I use my incredible expertise to craft small-batch artisanal terpene and cannabis-infused wellness and body care. Shop my exclusive line of products. ​

emerald temple

I'm an educator and cannabis tourism advocate, passionate about cannabis, travel and aroma. Learn more about my adventures and research.

Cannabis Aroma Wheel

The newest project from Scentelligence

Cannabis Aroma Wheel

The Cannabis Aroma Wheel is a sensory tool designed to help cannasseurs take their knowledge to the next level. It categorizes scents into familiar categories and families to help distinguish precise aromatic notes. Use it to differentiate between the unique tastes of individual cannabis strains, improve your knowledge of aroma complexity, and enhance your sensory experience.

Make Your Own Cannabis Medicine Book
*New Book! Now Available for Download!
Learn to craft Edibles, Topicals, and Tinctures in your own Kitchen!

Printable Workbook by Amanda Breeze

This 28-page booklet has everything you need to know to make your own cannabis infused products! Includes step-by-step instructions, recipes, and tips from cannabis formulator Amanda Breeze, Founder of Emerald Temple! 


Leap into your cannabis-infused wellness journey! Learn everything you need to know to make your own healing cannabis medicine. 



Supplies & Skincare

Its almost Harvest Season so it time to stock up on Resin Removing Skincare. For Home Growers and Commercial Cultivation.  


For orders of 10+ email us for discount pricing 

Soaps and scrubs
cbd breast oil
lotion bar
Lavender Bath salt
ouid daily lotion
Sweetheart Balm
self care set
self care set
Cannabis Soap
blue dream lotion
bath set
The Smoking Spot Podcast


FINALIST for BEST Cannabis Podcast 2023! This is the ultimate destination for all things cannabis!


Join hosts Amanda Breeze and Ryan Herron as they explore the world of cannabis through interviews and discussions with industry insiders. Tourism, innovative products, and scent exploration - we cover it all.

Hosts The Smoking Spot Podcast
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