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Amanda Breeze
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Terpenes influence our health and wellness. I link the science of aroma with the needs of cannabis consumers. 

Amanda Breeze, Scent Strategist & Cannabis Educator

 Discover the extraordinary benefits of cannabis for your well-being. 

Through my cannabis education sessions, I guide both consumers and industry professionals into the fascinating world of cannabis flavours and aromas using tools I designed specifically for the cannabis industry: The Cannabis Aroma Wheel and my personal Scent Library. 

Elevate your next event, dispensary activation, or staff training with the expertise of a cannabis aroma expert!

Amanda Breeze

Transform your relationship with  your customers by highlighting the aroma and effects of

your products.

Cannabis Aroma Wheel

Nominated for Innovation in Education Award 2024!

Cannabis Aroma Wheel

The Cannabis Aroma Wheel is a sensory tool designed to help cannasseurs take their knowledge to the next level. It categorizes scents into familiar categories and families to help distinguish precise aromatic notes. Use it to differentiate between the unique tastes of individual cannabis strains, improve your knowledge of aroma complexity, and enhance your sensory experience.

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The Cannabis Literary Showcase

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Explore my curated selection of small-batch artisanal products featuring herbs, infused wellness, ethical skincare, and my exclusive product line, Emerald Temple.

emerald temple

As a cannabis writer and reporter, I research new scientific findings, cannabis tourism destinations, and aromatics. Read more about my adventures and research.

emerald temple

For consultations, booking inquiries, or custom formulations, feel free to reach out with any questions

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The Smoking Spot Podcast

FINALIST for BEST Cannabis Podcast 2023 and 2024!

"A really good podcast about weed!"

Join hosts Amanda Breeze and Ryan Herron as they explore the world of cannabis through interviews and discussions with industry insiders. Travel, science, news, special guests, products, and scents - we cover it all!

Hosts The Smoking Spot Podcast
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