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The landscape of cannabis

is rapidly changing. Insights into the aromatic value of terpenes enhances consumer experiences and appreciation of cannabis. 

Amanda Breeze, Founder


As a thought leader and aroma educator, I offer enthusiastic knowledge into the aromatic bouquets of cannabis. Learn how to strengthen the neurological and physical effects of cannabis terpenes through the lens of aromatherapy. 

Amanda currently freelances with a handful of brands as an aroma educator and writer.  

She hosted a ScentLab series for dispensary pop-ups including Tokyo Smoke, Relm, and Civilian. During these events she teaches budtenders and customers about the effects of cannabis terpenes using isolated terpenes and therapeutic essential oils! 

Amanda has hosted scent seminars, workshops, and been a guest educator on panels, podcasts, and shows, including CannExpo, GrowUp Conference, Tokeativity, and CampCanna. She has published articles on cannabis and aroma in numerous cannabis magazines. In 2021 she hosted KindFair "CBD Brand of the Year" booth as a Cannabis Aroma expert and formulated three signature scent blends, inspired by their products, as giveaways! 

Boost your wellbeing and gain fantastic insight into evidence-based ways to pair botanical terpenes and cannabis! Stacking similar terpenes from other botanical sources, such as essential oils, can complement and strengthens the therapeutic effects of cannabis terpenes.


Amanda offers diverse perspective and knowledge in all areas of the Cannabis community. She has worked with Master Growers in British Columbia and Ontario but most of her experience comes from the legacy farms of Northern California. 

I’ve had the pleasure of learning about the cultivation, processing, and medicinal uses of Cannabis on farms across Humboldt, Trinity Pines, and Mendicino Counties- infamously known as the Emerald Triangle.


Working directly with farmers from seed to harvest has brought me a deep appreciation and respect for the plant and the people who risked their lives for generations to grow this natural and powerful medicine for their communities.

My experience on these generational legacy and craft farms has given me the opportunity to innovate and perfect my formulas with some of the world's finest cannabis.


Amanda's exceptional ability to assess quality cannabis comes from a professional

working knowledge of the plant and her unique industry experience.

Amanda is a Certified Aromatherapist and raw beauty formulator, graduating from the Wholistic Aromatherapy certification at Anarres Natural Health Apothecary in Toronto. She specializes in topical cannabis formulation and the successful therapeutic applications of terpenes in cannabis consumer products and how they work in the body.

As a Cannabis Sommelier she offers greater insight into quantitative quality assessment of Cannabis flower, and the ability to interpret cannabis terpenes and determine the potential psychoactive effects of any strain.

In 2012, Amanda received a BDes from OCAD University in Industrial Design, specializing in sustainable product design. Amanda served on the OCAD University Board for Governors and Academic Council for three years as an elected representative for the University.

Amanda is currently enrolled in the Chestnut Herbal School Herbal Immersion Program to deepen her understanding of plant medicine to offer robust herbal formulas for our clients.  


I combine my range of specialties to craft highly therapeutic

innovative cannabis products. 

What makes Emerald Temple formulas successful is an extensive knowledge of the therapeutic action of cannabinoids and terpenes on our bodies. I have spent years perfecting accurate dosages for topical and edible preparations and created highly successful methods for working with cannabis. 

I choose specific cultivars for their cannabinoid and terpene profiles, to create full spectrum oils. In topical formulations, the medicinal effects of cannabis are amplified with supportive botanical ingredients like medicinal herbs as well as enriching herbal oils and pure essential oils to strengthen the effects. 


The intentional and precise combination of all of these ingredients is the Emerald Temple standard for crafting exquisite wholistic cannabis wellness products. 

Contact us to learn more about Cannabis Formulation and how to create custom products.

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