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Strains that Bang Feb 2024

"The following 11 strains appear highly statistically likely to rev your engine, though your mileage may vary. Terms and restrictions may apply. Void where prohibited." - Leafly Staff


Talking Terpenes
Full Pour Magazine
Feature Winter 2023

When it comes to cannabis infused drinks, there's more to consider beyond the high. 

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Beyond Terpenes
Nov 2, 2023

Beyond Terpenes: Breakthrough Study Finds New Contributors to Flower Aromatics A new wave of scent exploration has arrived in the cannabis industry, and the aromatic landscape will never be the same. By Amanda Breeze

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A Foul Smelling Tale
High Moon Magazine
October 28, 2023

Beware, dear reader, for this is a foul-smelling tale...

Scent is a ghostly phenomenon. From blueberry dreams to cursed apples, the devil's lettuce shares enchanting fragrances with many flora, but even more curiously, insects and beasts…  by Amanda Breeze


Camp Canna
Elevated Education Sessions

Red Deer, Alberta
August 2023


Wester Buzz writer Dave Dormer consults cannabis smell expert Amanda Breeze about Terpenes versus THC as an indicator of quality cannabis. Article By Dave Dormer

CannExpoCannabis Education Sessions
March 2023

Smell is Everything Sensory Exploration for industry professionals and cannabis enthusiasts looking to better understand the unique scent profiles of cannabis strains. Learn to accurately describe the aromatic notes you find in cannabis with the newest cannabis sommelier tool...

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Top 5! Thank you to all our listeners and supporters! 

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Lifted Mornings
with Blunts and Beans
Nov 30, 2022

Blunts and Beans are here to wake you up! Good morning! Roll one up and grab your cup. Today we talk terpenes and cannabis aromatics live with Amanda Breeze! 

KGLTV Amanda Breeze

From Life in Toronto to life in the the Emerald Triangle. Stories from hopping trains and playing street music across North America and Europe. "Amanda's Herstory was the most shocking! This woman is dynamic! And a world traveller. Wait till you hear this one." - Rev. Kelly


GrowUp Conference
Niagara Falls, 2022

Amanda Breeze's approach to cannabis focuses on the science of terpenes and aroma, linking nuanced flavours and therapeutic value for cannabis consumers and brands. 


Burn & Learn
The Budtenders Association
July 28, 2022

Stop and Smell the Flowers!
A masterclass on Cannabis Terpenes and Aroma.
Find it on 


Plant Cunning Podcast
Episode 81
June 8, 2022

Cannabis, Aromatherapy, and Terpenes with Amanda Breeze. In this episode we speak with our friend Amanda Breeze about the cannabis business, how to maximize the therapeutic and recreational effects of this master plant, and why it smells like skunk... Available on SPOTIFY and YOUTUBE

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The Loud100 Podcast
Season 2, Episode 7
May 10, 2022

New episode! Are prerolls the hotdogs of cannabis? 
Best and worst products, new dispensaries, and upcoming expos! The conversation continues, Ryan chats with Amanda Breeze, as she gets ready for conventions and a Colorado trip! Coast to coast cannabis talk! 

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The Loud100 Podcast
Smell Series: Scent
April 25, 2022

Host Ryan Herron and I talk about cannabis flavour and aroma. Everything from indica and sativa to apricot and candy necklace! 
Best episode yet! Part 2 of the Cannabis Aroma series! 

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The Loud100 Podcast
Smell Series: Sniff
April 14, 2022

Host, Ryan Herron and Amanda Breeze, talk about how we smell, terpenes in the body, and list some of our favourite books on SCENT!

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The Loud100 Podcast
Season 2, Episode 4
March 28, 2022

 A Brand New Episode of The Loud 100 with special guest Amanda Breeze. Host Ryan Herron and I chat about the “industry”, quality cannabis, and of course TERPENES and cannabis aromatherapy!

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The Challenge:
Smells and How to Describe Them

High Moon Magazine
420 Special Edition, 2022

Finding the perfect words to express the delight that is Cannabis aromas is a distinct challenge for every cannabis connoisseur.


Psychedelics & Plant Medicine
Tokeativity Clubhouse,March 9, 2022

Engaging roundtable discussion hosted by Tokeativity Co-Founder & Chief Innovation Officer Lisa Snyder,
with special guests from the Tokeativity community, talking all things revolving around the psychedelics and plant medicine


Vibe Check
High Moon Magazine 
Anniversary Issue

Heighten the vibe by pairing your flower with similar smelling essential oils. You can start by matching the terpenes in your cannabis with the terpenes in the essential oils to mutually boost their effects.

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Cannabis & Self Care
Tokeativity Clubhouse
February 9, 2022

Engaging roundtable discussion hosted by Tokeativity Co-Founder & Chief Innovation Officer Lisa Snyder,
with special guests from the Tokeativity community, talking all things revolving around the cannabis, feminism, and self-care.


Stoner Spell-Casting for the Spooky Season
High Moon Magazine 
Vol 2, October 2021

Cannabis has always been a magickal ingredient associated with potions, witches brews, flying ointments, and spell casting. 

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Women In Weed
High Moon Magazine, Vol 1, July 2021

Remember that fairy tale where the woman spends her days trying to spin straw into gold? Trimming weed is kind of like that... We are the women in weed. We turn straw into gold.

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