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Cannabis & YOUR PERIOD

Cannabis is a great ally for menstruating bodies! I’m experiencing my monthly “moon time” so why not share my favourite products for menstrual relief while I'm using them!

BATH: THC Bath Melt with Pink Himalayan Salt Mineral-rich Pink Himalayan Salt is used in baths to relax the body, increase circulation, and soothe sore muscles. It gets it's pink colour from Iron which menstruating bodies need. Combined with THC Bath Melts its a perfect bath to relax and nourish your body during menstruation. The bath melts are made with raw organic cannabis infused cocoa butter. They gently fizz in your hot bath. Soak for at least 20 minutes. MASSAGE: CBD Sweetheart Balm It is so soothing to massage abdominal cramping and back pain with the CBD Sweetheart Balm. It contains a medicated dose of CBD and can penetrate deeply into the skin. After massaging my abdomen, I like to apply heat from a hot water bottle, or warm rice pack. TEA: Red Raspberry Moon Tea Blend & CBD Honey Red Raspberry leaf is the absolute best for mentruation. It tones the uterine muscles and when drank regularly has been shown to reduce or eliminate menstrual cramping. I like to drink it a few days before I start bleeding, and during my cycle. The the blend also contains Nettle which is high in iron. A mineral that menstruating bodies need especially when shedding the uterine lining. I also include friendly calendula, and pink rose petals for their colour and bright energetics. A teaspoon of CBD Honey is absolutely divine in this tea blend (or any tea blend). It is made with CBD flower, and red rose petals. Each teaspoon is 10mg CBD. TINCTURES: CBD Glycerite CBD or THC tinctures can also be added to tea for added menstrual relief. I prefer glycerine based tinctures. They are faster acting than alcohol, and add just a light sweetness to whatever beverage you add it to. It is a gentle but powerful medicine. 5drops or 5mg is a good starting dose if you haven never used tinctures or glycerites before. Check out my Cannabis Moon Menstrual Kits- they come in a heart-shaped tin filled with perfect bath salts, THC Bath Melt, and small Sweetheart Balm, and bag of loose leaf Menstrual Tea Blend.


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