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Finding the Right Product!

Look at the Labels! The basic product label information to look for is the Cannabinoid Ratios and Dosage, which are measured in milligrams(mg) and typically include THC and/or CBD, although there are many other phytocannabinoids that are beneficial to our bodies.

Whether a product is intended to calm and balance skin or, treat pain and inflammation will change the amount of cannabis infused into each product. The total milligrams in Infused skincare products are significantly lower than medicated topicals for pain relief.

Infused Skin Care The most infused skincare products typically contain 1+mg CBD/THC as an enriching botanical. Studies have shown topical CBD formulas to be nourishing, conditioning, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant. They can reduce visible signs of aging, redness, as well as calm irritated skin. Medicated Topicals Medicated topicals are a major part of the cannabis topicals market as higher doses of cannabinoids are reported to have therapeutic and pain-relieving effects on the body. People managing pain need products in the 30-1000mg range. Dosage depends on their specific needs and severity of symptoms. Measuring Dosage The effectiveness of any cannabis product is determined by dosage. A higher number of milligrams infused in a product does not mean it has a higher dosage. For example, 500mg in a 500mL bottle of lotion is about 1-2mg per use. Compared to 500mg in a 30mL bottle which provides a significantly higher dosage of cannabinoids per use. The latter is considered a medicated topical. Higher doses of cannabinoids require more plant matter for the extraction and infusing processes, which will often make the final product more expensive. Knowing your preferred dosage is extremely useful for finding products that work best for your health and wellness.


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