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Self Care is Body Care! (with recipes)

My self care is taking moments throughout my day to do something just for me!

Body care is a big part of my self care rituals, so here’s a little list of my favourites to rejuvenate my body and mind.


My absolute go-to for self care is a long bath. I love using cannabis infused bath products (like CBD Fizzy Bath Melts and CBD Bath Salts) but there are so many easy DIY relaxing bath enhancers!

Pink himalayan salt is an amazing addition to every bath! Epsom salts are very popular as a detoxifying salt, but pink himalayan salt is considered a nourishing salt! It is high in many essential minerals, especially iron, which is what gives the salt its gorgeous pink colour!

When I’m feeling dry, I like to add a thumb-sized chunk of raw cocoa butter! It melts into the hot water, moisturizing and softening your whole body! You can also infuse the raw cocoa butter with cannabis! I make it the exact same way as infusing regular butter, or oil! And don't forget to add five drops of any essential oil to turn your bath into an aromatherapy experience!


There are so many essential oils to choose from but here are some for self-care and self-love! I like to use lavender for relaxation and calm. Bergamot will bring feelings of self-acceptance and optimism. Geranium helps heal a broken heart. Jasmine is intimate and encourages feelings of healthy sexuality. Lemongrass is great for clarity and cleansing. Patchouli is grounding and helps us connect with our bodies. Roman Chamomile is very peaceful and safe when diluted for babies and pregnant women. Rose is always a favourite for feeling loved and to find inner healing. Tangerine is creative and cheerful, and smells amazing when mixed with a drop or two of Vanilla!

"Add five drops of any essential oil and turn your bath into an aromatherapy experience!"


When I need to take my bath up a notch I really love the store-bought moisturizing face masks and a joint! I've tried many of these masks and find most of them have many undesirable ingredients! So when I can't find an organic mask I usually make my own! The easiest face mask is pure clay!

Clay comes in many colours. The general rule is that cool coloured clays are more astringent and warm coloured clays are moisturizing! So if you're feeling dry look for peaches, reds and browns. If you're looking for something a little more drying for oily skin try greens, and greys! Put a few pinches of clay in your hand or a small bowl, and add just a few drops of water until it reaches a consistency you like! Using your fingers brush it onto your face (avoiding your eyes and lips) and let it set. Once they clay has dried just wash it off with warm water! It takes about 20 minutes to set, which is the perfect amount of time for a quick smoke break!


When I don’t have enough time for a bath or a face mask I love using floral waters, or hydrosols to refresh my skin and my mind. Floral waters are co-products from distilling essential oils. They are often called fractal waters! You get the same aromatherapy benefits as the plant they are extracted from as well as many skin soothing properties! Rose hydrosol is perfect for all skin types. I buy it in bulk and pour it into small atomizer bottles (spritzers). I keep one in my bathroom and one in my car! When I need a little pick me up I just spritz my face and clothes! Hydrosols make excellent linen sprays! Try spritzing your pillow before bed with lavender hydrosol for calm, or clary sage to enhance your dreams!


My self care rituals help me savour my everyday moments by making them a little bit special. A daily shower is another opportunity to sneak in some self-care. I looooove using shower steamers! They are so easy to make! And add an aromatherapy burst to every shower!!

(See recipe below)

I also love love love making simple body scrubs. The recipe below is fantastically simple but gives your whole body that super soft feeling and offers me that moment to ground myself in my own skin. I always add my favourite essential oils to highlight that its a special self care/ body-care time, worth savouring. I like to use Orange Blossom (Neroli) in my body scrubs. It represents perseverance, kindness, and nurturing- the perfect trio for mindfulness and self-care.



1 cup baking soda

⅓ cup citric acid (to help them fizz) ⅓ cup arrowroot powder

40-50 drops essential oil (2-3 mLs) Witch Hazel in an atomizer bottle (spritzer) Silicone mould

Mix the baking soda, citric acid, and arrowroot powder. Add drops of essential oil while stirring to mix it into the powders. Using the atomizer spritz the powder with the Witch Hazel while mixing so you don't activate the citric acid. Within 5-10 spritz the mixture should become crumbly and be able to hold form without being wet. Scoop and press into silicone moulds. Let them dry overnight. To use, place one steamer on the shelf or ledge of your shower. Sprinkle it with a few drops of water to start releasing the scent!


⅓ cup sugar or salt - the finer the consistency the gentler it will be on your skin

Any body oil- Olive, Avocado, Rice Bran

10 drops of essential oil

In an aluminium or glass jar add the sugar or salt. Then pour the oil overtop until it just covers the powder. Add 10 drops of your favourite essential oil and stir. Boom. That’s it! For my shower scrub I prefer finely ground organic cane sugar, Hemp seed Oil, and Neroli essential oil.

To use, stir gently while in the shower with your fingers and scoop and rub onto your skin. It leaves you perfectly oiled up. I like to do this after I’ve soaped and washed as my finisher before I get out of the shower to leave the perfect glow and watch the water just bead off :)


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