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Image of the inside of the Church with rainbow vaulted ceilings and colourful murals
International Church of Canabis

When searching for - Cannabis things to do in Denver- the International Church of Cannabis is the #1 place that pops up! Open since 420 in 2017, it's described as Members of the Church call themselves Elevationists, and although I am not part of the congregation, it is open to the public! Of course, I had to see it, so I wandered over from the local radical bookstore Mutiny Infoshop and Cafe, another not-to-be-missed Denver locale. The Church of Cannabis, which is quite literally an old Lutheran church building, is impossible to miss, decked out with rainbow flags and psychedelic graffiti exterior. As I walked up the concrete church steps, I was welcomed in by their fabulous front desk to check out the spiritual space.

An enchanted spiritual prism, my first impressions were surprise and wonderment stepping into this mystical rainbow room. Glorious colourful vaulted ceilings and shimmering lights made my jaw dropped. Some pews from the original church remain, interspersed with big comfy chairs and pillows shaped like doobies and flowers. Magical shapes form trippy landscapes, yet the ambiance is zen. It holds the sacred serenity of a temple. Imagine the hush of entering a church and the delight of being a suncatcher. I was dazzled by the massive mural from artist Okuda San Miguel.

This otherworldly space is used for special events, daily laser light experiences, and ritual-guided meditations. With these rituals, Elevationists can reveal the best version of themselves, discover their creative voice, and enrich their communities with that creativity. Elevationists have no divine law or authoritarian structure, and their spiritual practices include cannabis, which they call The Sacred Flower. After only a few minutes in the Church... I'm ready to convert.

Cannabis is legalized in the state of Colorado, but smoking in public spaces is still banned. The International Church of Cannabis and its members have protected rights under religious freedom in the US constitution that allows for ritual use of the Sacred Flower in the church. However, they are still on the frontlines of the unjust war on cannabis in the US. According to Wikipedia, On the day the church opened in 2017 state Representative Dan Pabon proposed banning cannabis consumption in churches because of the International Church of Cannabis. Blessedly, it was concluded that would be an unconstitutional restriction on religion, and the proposal was rejected.

Whether you fancy yourself an Elevationist, want to support of the cannabis community, or just smoke the Sacred Flower, the International Church of Cannabis is a must in Denver. It's truly something special.

Elevationist Meditation

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International Church of Cannabis

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