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Welcome to the Emerald Temple


Emerald Temple specializes in Cannabis-based wellness! Formulated in small batches, we craft all natural, plant-based products that fit your wellness and self-care routines.

Cannabis-infused topicals are one of the most effective ways in treating acute and chronic pain, inflammation, and muscle relief anywhere in the body. They are also excellent for skin health and to treat a variety of skin conditions.

CBD and THC infused products can be applied directly to the skin in the form of creams, lotions, balms, or baths to provide localized relief for skin and joint problems while rejuvenating your skin!

Some of the many benefits of Cannabis-Infused Body Care:

Aids in Wound Healing

Relieves Pain and Inflammation

Anti-aging effects on skin

Soothe localized pain


Relieve stress


Not all cannabis topicals are created equal! The best quality products are infused with the highest quality cannabis plants. All Emerald Temple cannabis is sourced from organic, sun-grown local legacy cannabis farms. We buy direct from master growers in Ontario! This means we guarantee no pesticides or contaminants have been used in the growing process. Quality cannabis products start with quality cannabis!


Emerald Temple products contain ethically and sustainable sourced ingredients. Each ingredient is selected to strengthen the effectiveness of the final product! Our formulas incorporate wholistic aromatherapy essential oil blends and supportive herbal oils to strengthen the effectiveness and therapeutic action. Our Cannabis-infused oils contain accurate therapeutic dosages for all our medicated topicals.


BALMS & SALVES: Highly concentrated pain-relief topicals for a small area of the body such as knees, hands, feet, neck or shoulders.

BODY OIL: For larger areas of the body such as the back or legs. Massage body oils into the skin to encourage relief, relaxation, and absorption.

LOTION: For larger areas of the body, easily absorbed by the skin. Excellent for skin treatments, all our lotions are made from scratch using only all natural ingredients and no artificial colorants or preservatives.

BATH: Excellent for deep penetration and pain relief for your entire body!


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