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Based out of Toronto, all Emerald Temple products start with organically cultivated full-spectrum cannabis infusions and blended with all-natural locally and ethically

sourced ingredients meticulously handcrafted in small batches. 


Do you have questions about which cannabis products are right for you? We will help you identify your ideal dosage, terpenes, and cannabinoid ratios, recommend products that meet your needs or formulate custom products!

We also offer professional advice for creating your own edible and topical preparations with home-grown cannabis.

Contact us to schedule your consultation today!

45 minutes for $30 

Sliding Scale Pricing Available


We start with quality cruelty-free ingredients. Cruelty-free represents no testing on animals, but equally important the ethical treatment of the people who harvest and process the materials as well as the footprint of harvesting and processing on our planet. Healing our bodies should never come at the expense of ecological habitats, and human lives.


Emerald Temple products contain only raw sustainably sourced ingredients. Most of the enriching oils are made from scratch as are all of the cannabis infusions.  There are no artificial ingredients or preservatives. A topical infusion meant to go deeply into the skin’s layers should never contain any unnatural ingredients.

All formulas start with whole cannabis flower sourced directly from local craft and legacy growers. This guarantees every formula contains the highest quality organic flower with potent terpenes and cannabinoids. 


Zero Waste is the goal! All Emerald Temple products come in recyclable and reusable packaging made from glass or aluminum. No plastic! Everything is mailed in recycled and reused shipping materials. All ingredients are purchased locally in bulk in reusable containers.

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